The Advantages of Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics: Part 1

Alex Colburn – August 24, 2021

On this episode of The Developers Speak, Justin goes over what the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics integrations is, and why marketers should be taking advantage of it.

Hi Everyone I'm Justin Kasbohm and I'm a Salesforce developer here at Digital Mass. Today, I'm going to be talking to you about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics integration. We'll cover what it is and the benefits you'll see from the two.

Benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics integration

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics integration provides marketers with actionable, cross-channel insights that they can then use to create a more meaningful customer experience.

Make tracking and reporting easier

With a "free" Google Analytics account there are still plenty of perks to connecting it to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For example, you can add Google Analytics tags and other tracking to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud CloudPages. You can also add UTM parameters to email links in all email sends. In both of these cases, the data that you collect here is accessible and reportable in Google analytics, which makes it very easy to report on.

Setting up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics integration is easy

Setting up the integration is also fairly easy to do. It starts with a simple, one-time authentication process that creates a secure connection between the two accounts. Just make sure that you have admin permissions in both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

Before starting the integration, one of the first things you configure should be some UTM parameters. Implementing these parameters allows you to identify the marketing campaigns that are referring traffic to your website. Overall, this integration is something that I think all marketers should use. It's a useful tool that allows people to create more personalized messages, see all of the data in one place, and in the end make smarter marketing decisions. Thank you.

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About the Developer:

Justin joined us after finishing his computer science degree from the University of Northwestern.

Heading into college, Justin had his mind made up that he was going to work in the ever-changing tech industry because he knew he would never get bored. Since joining Digital Mass, he's added three Salesforce certifications to his belt: Platform Developer l, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, and SFMC Administrator.