A Fully-Federated Identity Solution for Moving Services

Zeinab Khreiss – January 17, 2023

Digital Mass unlocked Salesforce's potential with an employee relocation solution that connects employees with moving services through Salesforce Experience Cloud.

A relocation organization that wished to support their employees in relocating for their job turned to our team at Digital Mass to improve how customers authenticated their services. With a tight security environment, this relo-org was determined to meet the heightened standard for their Silicon Valley customer base.

To make this happen, Salesforce Experience Cloud needed to work in parallel with the company's own SaaS platform. Digital Mass extended SSO protocol in Salesforce to build a web of trust between the organizations customers' identify providers and their Salesforce-hosted web application.

Project Outcomes:

  • The organization was kept competitive in a tightening security landscape.
  • With a focus on 'white-glove' services, they were able to upgrade the relocation and moving services of employee user experience.
  • A battle-tested chain of trust that could be audited by both parties using the platforms.

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