Case Study: Commercial Lending

Zeinab Khreiss – January 30, 2023

Commercial lending and loan processing for one of the Midwest's largest regional banks, provided through custom apps on Sales Cloud and robust DevOps practices.

The commercial lending unit of a large Midwest bank needed to streamline the qualification process to better serve applicants seeking the capital required to grow their businesses.

The Digital Mass Salesforce experts joined forces with the bank’s team to build custom applications inside Sales Cloud that are rapidly integrated, highly automated, and user-friendly.

This organization was unique in that across their multiple Salesforce orgs, the majority of automation and functionality was code-driven.

The Digital Mass team was able to hit the ground running in this complex environment by leveraging modern methods for Salesforce code deployment. The CI/CD pipeline and change control process resulted in valuable code committed to source control, instilling confidence in deployments, and reducing the time to respond to regulatory changes.

Project Outcomes:

  • Changes to keep in line with loan issuing and servicing regulations were cut from ~2 days to ~8 hours.
  • The number of screens for a user to review a loan application was reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Self-serve applications for designated persons to submit was achieved with a custom form composer that could also reference data that was not housed in Salesforce.
  • The CI/CD pipeline and change control process instilled confidence in deployments.

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