Company Expansion Leads to New Space in North Loop

Alex Colburn – April 13, 2021

Digital Mass Expansion Leads to New North Loop Minneapolis Office Space

Minneapolis. (April 13, 2021)Digital Mass, a Salesforce technology partner focused on modern Salesforce development, has relocated to new office space in Minneapolis’ North Loop. The move was made to accommodate the company’s growth. The new North Loop location spans the third floor of the Maytag building at 515 North Washington Ave in Minneapolis and is nearly six times the size the company had in its previous office. 

Fostering the Power of Collaboration

In a time when companies are moving to remote workers, Digital Mass’ leadership felt that it was important to foster the power of collaboration that only comes from being together. 

“We had stretched the limits of our old space. We needed somewhere that could accommodate our continued growth,” said Martin Davis, co-founder, and CEO of Digital Mass. "Over the past year, for our team, it was really important that we were together in the same space. There was more energy and collaboration. It’s an intangible that adds to the value we deliver our clients.”

Why Digital Mass choose North Loop Minneapolis Office Space

Digital Mass’ Davis is no stranger to Minneapolis’ North Loop; his previous endeavor, digital marketing technology firm Ratchet, Inc. – which he sold in 2011 – was located on Washington Ave as well. Having spent more than 20 years in the North Loop area, Davis sees the area as an entrepreneurial and creative incubator.

“I love the dynamics and aesthetic of the North Loop,” said Davis. “At its heart, the area fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. That same spirit is what runs through Digital Mass. We are not a corporate cubicle coding farm; we are a collective of dynamic developers who are energized by our surroundings. Our new offices reflect the uniqueness of our team and our culture.”

About Digital Mass. Digital Mass is a modern technology practice focused on making Salesforce work harder for the enterprise, in any cloud. The company is driven to do things the right way. Digital Mass uses a ground-up, developer-driven approach and proprietary LeanSF process to ensure clients get to working solutions faster, maximizing business value in every engagement. Backed by a blend of experienced tech vets and certified Lightning natives, Digital Mass offers flexible engagements, working with clients to tackle the cumbersome, business-slowing problems while taking big steps towards a customer-centric organization. If you are interested in learning more, set up a time to talk with the team.