The Digital Mass Advantage

Alex Colburn – December 16, 2020

Clients always ask us what makes us different from the other Salesforce consulting firms. We could make a list that describes how our office culture is lively and fun, how collaborative our developers are, how feedback-driven meetings are, or that excellence is just in our DNA… which is all true, but what truly sets us apart is why we are here.

The Salesforce consulting industry was failing to provide access to modern Salesforce developers that brought more than just technical knowledge to problem-solving. We saw how large consulting firms were frustrating their clients with slow onboarding, high costs, bloated project teams, and mediocre results. Their primary goal was revenue, not the success of their client.

Our Approach to Lean Project Delivery

The opportunity that we took advantage of was to be a lean,  transparent, and agile partner for our customers. We knew that to make this a success, we would need to start with finding the right people and the right process. We started with the people. Digital Mass has been built with the foundation of customer-focused, hungry and humble developers who thrive in a customer-oriented environment.

Once we got the right people on the bus, we set out to define a process of our own. A process designed to be without ceremony and ritual. We understand that some rituals are integral to the process, but if we have a process that will allow us to stay focused to specific goals and allow teams to back to delivering, things wouldn’t feel so… bloated. 

The process that we have designed and implemented into our engagements allows us to work behind the scenes and bring our clients solutions is LeanSF. This process has allowed us to embrace Agile solution delivery, but only after it has been refined to minimize non-productive meeting time. Our approach is transparent and flexible to allow clients to control each phase of the engagement process.

We are Modern Salesforce Developers

The transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning has delivered a reimagined user experience for everyone and a platform that enables fast development. Having a simplified UX means that the platform is more accessible to more people, which is desirable for a large enterprise. When the software is simple to use, it allows people to find more efficient ways to utilize it, which makes everyone’s daily work lives a little easier.

If your team hasn’t transitioned from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning yet, it will be a pivotal point for the future development of your Org. Our team of modern Salesforce developers were brought up in this era of Lightning. They know the ins and outs of the platform. When it's time to make the updates, you’ll want a team of people who know how the components work together so that things stay running smoothly.

As a Salesforce user, you will need a team of developers that are able and ready to carry your Org through the transitions and updates that Salesforce releases over the years. It takes more than just software to build critical solutions that drive business processes. 

Digital Mass is here to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams before, during, and after engagement.  When we come on to your team, our developers take the long-term approach rather than acting as project-based outsiders. If your team already has a plan that is working for everyone and you just need more people to help with the heavy-lifting, we have no problem plugging in to help accelerate.

Our Expertise in Salesforce

At Digital Mass we set out from the beginning to become long-term partners with the clients we engage with so that we can stay up to date with their customer needs and industry trends. 

We understand the complexities of regulated industries that have books full of rules and regulations. After working in various industries on an array of separate engagements, we have leveraged the knowledge of those industry leaders to help us develop and launch solutions that will bring more value from technology investments. 

From the knowledge we have learned through working in different industries, we have been able to remain aware of the unique restraints in each of them. We are here to help you transform your organization into a customer-centric business and partner with you to transition through times of uncertainty and growth. 

At Digital Mass, we’re focused on being more than just a Salesforce shop. We want to provide access to developers that bring more value to your team while solving your toughest business challenges. With the right team on your side, your team will have the software they need to see the opportunities they have to close more deals, create a lasting relationship with your customers and bring them the right message at the right time. 

Are you ready to find out how DM can help your team accelerate? Let's talk.