Can Salesforce Help Your Business Excel?

Dakota VanOs – August 26, 2020

Can Salesforce Help Your Business Excel?

If you don’t know what Salesforce is by now, let us catch you up to date. Salesforce, simply put, brings companies together with their customers. Salesforce breaks down many siloed technologies and puts them together in user-focused applications. These applications offer different lenses to the same data so that everyone internally shares the same state of a customer from their respective viewpoint and is able to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect with those customers.

Salesforce is the industry-leading CRM and has a lot of out-of-the-box functionality. It is worth acknowledging the most cited benefits of the platform:

User experience - the CRM has a serious focus on UX and design. The system was created to be intuitive and pleasant to use. Because of this, you will find Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities easily found in one place in a Lightning application.

Report Generation - The days of dreading drawing up reports for your next team meeting are over. You can create reports for finished Tasks, Opportunities, Products, successful Workflows, and dormant Accounts with ease.

Accessibility from anywhere - Salesforce took the all-in approach to the cloud which has led them to become a leading name in cloud computing. With a cloud-based infrastructure, your team can access SF anytime -- no matter where they might be. This kind of availability boosts productivity, business durability, and ROI. They did not plan for 2020, but they already had the tools in place to take the year's challenges head-on.

Now, why is all of this important? By bringing all of a customer's information into one place, it allows your employees to respond to their unique needs quickly. The SF Cloud eliminates redundancy in communications and it allows your team members to create personalized interactions with customers. Customer demands and expectations have changed over time, they simply are responding less to mass communications. The modern customer wants a message tailored to their needs.

We’ve established the positive elements that Salesforce can bring to your business. Now let’s examine what a Cloud platform like Salesforce can do to impact the day-to-day tasks that your teams face. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Salesforce can do for each department.

For your Marketing team: The ability to create a stronger digital presence will create a more meaningful connection with customers. Using Salesforce will not only help you manage your brand’s voice, but it will allow you to bring the right message to the right person at the right time. 

It’s the name of the game and will help the team improve lead generation, customer acquisition, and show possible upselling opportunities.

For your Sales team: You’d be shocked how long it takes your sales reps to enter in data. The good news is contact generation can be automatic. The CRM can be made into a workflow tool that is natural to use. Yeah that’s right, the days of just logging your calls to show your boss that you’re working are gone. 

Once that data is in, your team will also save time plotting their next move because they’ll have the full story of the interactions your company has with the prospective customer, and shows them their next best action. 

Your Sales Managers will benefit from this, too. Salesforce shows them real-time monitoring so they can keep up with the individual members on the team. The deep features of the platform allow for managers to provide coaching feedback on calls and customer touches. SF gives them tools to not only measure effectiveness so that it’s easier to forecast future sales figures, but to top it all off, an ERP can be connected to allow order fulfillment to be joined in with the Sales process.

Your Customer Service Team: Your CX team has to track and participate in conversations across more channels today than ever before. All of the conversations that happen across social media platforms can be connected in one place. Salesforce keeps the information streamlined so that the data your team relies on will be at their fingertips. This will ensure that they can respond sooner and resolve problems faster.

For Commerce: Growing your online business won’t happen if you’re not simultaneously growing customer relationships. A seamless commerce experience helps to grow revenue and engage customers through tailored messaging.

The benefits and abilities don’t just impact the staff members who use it, it also has a large impact on your customers. A platform like Salesforce keeps your customers at the top of the priority list, while still letting your team focus on time management. All working together to keep your sales pipelines efficient and collaborating.

We know that digital transformation isn’t a one size fits all process. You need a team that has the right blend of technical expertise and business acumen. You need a team of Lighting natives who can expertly cruise between Salesforce methodology and brilliant tech execution.

At Digital Mass we’re focused on working efficiently behind the scenes to bring you a process that not only works, but runs smoothly. Our team is in the trenches with you before, during, and after engagement to make sure of that. Our strong foundation of web services allows us to play well with virtually any other major sales or marketing technology.

So, can Salesforce help your business excel? We think so.

If you’re thinking about taking your business processes to the next level, let’s talk.