Helping HandsOn Twin Cities Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce

Alex Colburn – June 8, 2021

Project demonstrates the impact customized Salesforce applications can have on operations 

Minneapolis. (June 8, 2021) — Recognizing the importance of volunteering in our community, Twin-Cities-based Digital Mass has donated its time to helping the non-profit HandsOn Twin Cities (HOTC) realize the full potential of their Salesforce implementation. The customized application development and instruction has enabled HOTC to expand its use of the Salesforce platform “beyond the basics.”  

“A Salesforce implementation is a massive undertaking for any company, but really making it work through customization, training, and optimization is what’s often overlooked,” said Martin Davis, co-founder, and CEO of Digital Mass. “We recognized the value that HandsOn brings to our community and knew what a proper Salesforce implementation could have on helping HandsOn deliver on their mission so we jumped in to help. Now it’s really is a win-win for everyone.”

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Celebrating 100 years of service to the community, HOTC delivers on its mission of “transforming Minnesota through volunteerism” by connecting individuals and corporations with volunteer opportunities at local nonprofits. As an organization dependent on data – from membership to fees and contact management – HOTC implemented initially Salesforce in May 2020 in order to centralize the information in a manner that all employees could access and use.

“Relatively soon after we implemented Salesforce, it was pretty clear that there were some gaps and that we needed to build out the platform a bit more,” explained Katie Walsh, Nonprofit Program Director at HandsOn Twin Cities. "We realized that we wanted to be able to dig a little deeper into the data and really make an impact in not only our reporting but also how we operated. That is where Digital Mass helped.”

HOTC engaged Digital Mass to achieve three areas that were initially identified: expand reporting capabilities; streamline and add fields; and build out the system to support HOTC’s pro bono program. During the five week engagement, the Digital Mass team connected daily with HOTC team members in order to assure that the process was progressing, identify areas to further refine the program and to provide training on the platform. 

“Digital Mass helped us unlock Salesforce’s potential,” said Walsh. “From the first meeting, they honed in on our top priorities and identified ways for us to expand how we use Salesforce. In a short, five-week period, they were able to achieve a lot and in doing so have empowered us with the tools to transform how we operate.”

About Hands-On Twin Cities

HandsOn Twin Cities (HOTC) serves as a connector between thousands of individuals who want to make a difference. We provide services to an array of community members including high schools, colleges and universities, young professionals groups, retirees, local conferences, chambers of commerce, affinity groups, court-mandated volunteers, associations, and more than 30,000 corporate volunteers annually. We know that many of these connections lead to long-lasting and transformative experiences for both nonprofits and volunteers. HOTC supports a network of more than 600 nonprofits to help them recruit, retain, and engage volunteers to better deliver on their mission.

About Digital Mass.

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