3 Ways to Increase Email Performance in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Alex Colburn – July 27, 2021

In this episode of The Developers Speak, Kristina shares 3 tips that will increase your overall email performance rate.

Best practices for Salesforce Marketing Cloud email campaigns

Hi, I'm Kristina, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant here at Digital Mass. Along the way, I've learned a thing or two about email best practices that will keep things running smoothly. The first thing that you can do is utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud content detective within Email Studio. Content Detective scans your subject line, preheader, and the content of your email for spam. By looking for spam and alerting you of it, the tool can basically tell you if the email has a higher chance of going to the spam folder rather than the inbox.

Use content detective and fill in the preheader to increase email performance

Another thing to remember before sending out an email campaign in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is to not leave the pre-header empty. You should always fill in your pre-header because it's been shown to increase email open rates. Emojis are being more utilized in preheaders lately because they help the email stand out in the inbox, especially on mobile devices.

Create mobile and dark mode-friendly email designs

The third thing to keep in mind is to designs your emails to be mobile and dark mode friendly. A mobile and dark mode-friendly design will make sure that your email is rendered correctly within any email client. If you take these three things into account, your next Salesforce marketing cloud email campaign will have a higher overall performance rate. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

The Developers Speak is a video series featuring certified Salesforce consultants at Digital Mass. They come to you twice a month to help bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions.

About the developer:

Kristina joined our team last year after moving from ID to MN. She’s a skilled troubleshooter with a strong attention to detail - the perfect combination for working in Marketing Cloud! Since Kristina has been with us, she’s been on a mission to get more certifications. When she joined our team she was already Salesforce Administrator certified and got the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist soon after. Next up: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer. 🥳

Kristina’s favorite part about being a Salesforce dev: “When it comes to development, especially Salesforce development, one size does not fit all. I love the challenge and creativity that comes from figuring out new, different, and effective solutions for our clients.”