Key Differences Between Sales Cloud And Service Cloud

Zeinab Khreiss – January 31, 2023

On this episode of The Developers Speak, Justin discusses how teams can begin their evaluation of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. He also offers tips to help you determine which tool is best for you and your team. 

Hi everyone, I’m Justin VanderSchaaf, a Salesforce Developer at Digital Mass. 

I work with a lot of teams who are already using Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, and I get asked what the differences between the two are and and which features compliment different business types.

So today, I want to start a conversation about the key features and differences of the platforms, which I think will help make it clear which teams they’re best suited for.

These clouds are built on the core Salesforce platform, so there are critical features they share, but they’re mostly unique.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is focused for sales reps and managers, so the functionality is geared towards Account acquisition, the sales funnel, and closing the deal. 

The bread and butter of what makes Sales Cloud unique from Service Cloud are features like: lead management, pipeline and forecasting with opportunity management, and building quotes.

Service Cloud

Naturally, Service Cloud is geared towards service agents and managers, with key functionality focused on service agent efficiency, customer experience, and managing customer service issues inline with your company’s process and Service Level Agreements. 

The features in Service Cloud are ideal for supporting customer service teams, case management tools, to make sure no incoming cases get missed, customer-support-omni-channels that ensure consistent support is provided to customers throughout the lifecycle, and self-service options that help deflect cases and give customers an opportunity to self-service. 

Hopefully this helped summarize the key functionality of sales and service cloud! If you have any questions about what these clouds can do, send us a message - we’d be happy to continue this conversation.

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