LWC Quick Actions: Salesforce Summer '21 Release

Dakota VanOs – June 10, 2021


Hello, Andrew here, back with Digital Mass to talk more about the Summer 21 feature set that you can be expecting to hit your org on June 11th and 12th. Very excited today to talk to the developers in particular about lightning web component quick actions an exciting new feature that we've all been sort of looking forward to for a long time now because it represents a meaningful sort of jumping-off point and a justification to really transition into lightning web components fully from the Aura framework, which existed as a separate JavaScript framework for implementing web components since about 2017.

Lightning web components, generally speaking, benefit from increased efficiency and standardization with modern web practices and standards. So lightning web components have always sort of been that Salesforce is intended direction at least in 2019 in terms of new componentry and certainly for new, Salesforce customers who are spinning up and doing their own development.

Lightning web component quick actions offer you all of the same functionality that you would get with an aura quick action with a couple of minor caveats at least as of right now, particularly these only apply and currently work and are supported for your record pages. So your lightning record pages are fully functional with quick actions, but as of right now, your home pages, your app pages, and your community pages still do have to sit on the old aura framework as of right now, but now's a good time to really get accustomed to how to build these components, how to transition from Aura to lightning web components if you have exclusively a sort of designated record based quick actions that sit on that aura framework, definitely get accustomed to transitioning those over and you'll really benefit from that increased performance and of course the standardization that comes with fully adopting lightning web components. Hopefully, we'll stay tuned and see some more documentation, some more communication from Salesforce on continued support for this tooling more to come though, and thank you for tuning in.

Meet the developer:

Meet Andrew Davis: Andrew joined the Digital Mass team as a Senior Salesforce Developer in August 2020. He came in with a few certifications on his belt and hasn't slowed down since. Andrew currently holds Platform Developer 1, Platform Developer 2, Certified Administrator, Platform App Builder, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Developer, and the Javascript Developer certifications.

Outside of work, Andrew likes to spend his time playing D&D, camping, and burying himself in Youtube playlists exploring things ranging from emerging technologies to how to hand-sew your own socks - it’s pretty obvious he fits right in with the DM crew!