Pardot is Now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Zeinab Khreiss – February 6, 2023

What is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

In April 2022, Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. This change came while other product names and features were also changing and improving in the Salesforce community. This was a very exciting change but left users with some questions that we’re going to cover in this article: What is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement? Why did they change the name? And what does this mean if you were a Pardot user? 

What is it?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is what Pardot was renamed to earlier this year while other product names were also changing. It’s still the same application that gives marketing and sales teams a range of powerful automation tools, but it’s now under the Marketing Cloud umbrella. But technically speaking, the two systems' architectures are still totally separate.

Why did Salesforce Change Pardot’s Name?

The name changes that rolled out are part of an initiative Salesforce is doing to make their product suite easy to understand. 

Historically the marketing cloud has been made up of “Builders” and “Studios” that make the vocabulary hard to understand and inconsistent. These changes should help facilitate how we all talk about products across different clouds, so we’re speaking the same language.

What does the Marketing Cloud Engagement Update Mean if You’re a Pardot User?

So, what does this all mean if you were a Pardot user? In the short-term, the good news is that these big name changes don’t happen overnight or even over a few months, and the detangling of product features and people actually adopting the new terminology definitely doesn’t either. 

For the time being, Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s data models are totally separate, and everything on your end will still be running the business as usual. In the long term, it could mean that the platforms will align more and there could be more cross-cloud collaboration, and perhaps the split between B2B and B2C platforms could dissipate. Only time will tell, and we’ll be here to help clear the fog when those things happen!

We hope that helped clear up some of the confusion around Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact the Digital Mass team.