4 truths and a lie about Salesforce Consulting

Alex Colburn – October 1, 2020

Let’s play a game of 4 truths and a lie...

4 Truths and a lie about Salesforce Consulting

  1. Salesforce shops are evolving.
  2. Consulting models are changing for the better.
  3. Bringing on a new team doesn’t have to be hard.
  4. If you fill your calendar with fewer meetings, your consultants can write more code.
  5. You’re safe picking the big name consulting shop to handle your Salesforce needs.

If you guessed that number five was the lie, then you are correct. Let’s dive into it why the other four are true.

Salesforce shops are evolving towards Modern Development

The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving with regular releases three times a year. With updates always just around the corner, it’s obvious that this platform is always pushing for developers to bring forth bigger and better solutions. Though these updates can seem tedious to some, they allow enterprises to take advantage of them without their Org having to go through any huge disruptions. In fact, everything can stay up and running seamlessly throughout these updates if you have the right team on your side.

With new features and functionalities, on top of a new slate of acquisitions and product launches being released like clockwork, it can seem near impossible to keep up with this ecosystem. The good news is that at Digital Mass and our team of humble and hungry developers grew up in the era of this continuous development and readily pick up changes just as fast as Salesforce can ship them out.

Consulting models are changing

If your company has ever had to undergo any significant changes, then someone on the team has likely suggested bringing in outside consultants for some assistance. This recommendation may have received some sighs and eye rolls, which is understandable... Their past experience may have been working with one of the old, traditional consulting shops. You know, the type that asks for your watch when you ask them the time. 

We think there is a better way.

We have developed and embraced our own LeanSF model that optimizes development and minimizes meetings. Our methodology has allowed us to cut the fat from the traditional models.

To give you an idea of what we mean… we think that meetings are great if they are quick and to the point so that your team and our team can get back to work.

Bringing on a new Salesforce team doesn’t have to be hard

We know that bringing on a new development team and implementing new technology can seem like more work than it is worth. Your teams have to pause to onboard new developers. If things don’t go as planned and they aren’t as effective as they said they would be, it might feel like more time has been spent correcting issues than you have getting real results. 

To keep operations running smoothly with new updates being implemented you’ll need a team that has a plan, not a team that’s going to ask you where the plan is.

Our Lean SF nature allows us to work efficiently behind the scenes to bring you a process that works and runs smoothly. Our process ensures that we are in the trenches with you before, during, and after the engagement to make sure of that. 

The lie about Salesforce Consulting

Of course, it feels safe to pick a big-name consulting firm that may spend more on their marketing than they do on their tech resources. You see their name everywhere so you feel like you can trust them, but we have found that is not always the case.

Most times they are sourcing their team right after they get off of the phone with you. That means you do not know their team and they do not know their team. To put a cherry on top of those unknowns, they will also bring an army of Managers. We know them as Agile Coaches, Technical Managers, Change Management Managers, Account Managers, Team Managers, and the Most Important Manager -- the Manger whose job is to make you feel good about all the other Managers.

We have seen this model in play for years and we know it is not right. Digital Mass was created to set consulting straight. We are here to make Salesforce Developers modern and accessible -- without all of the overhead and hierarchy. 

At Digital Mass we take the approach of plugging into our client's teams as teammates. Our process model is designed so that we start the engagement wearing our client's jersey, rather than acting as project-based outsiders. Our LeanSF process allows us to do the heavy lifting without as many hands. Working with us you’ll know who you are working with, as we are in the trenches alongside you.