New FlexPool Offering Solves Salesforce Staffing Challenges

Alex Colburn – May 20, 2021

FlexPool enables IT departments to scale responsibility and locally

Minneapolis. (May 20, 2021)Digital Mass, a Salesforce technology partner focused on modern development, has introduced a staffing resource designed to augment IT departments during crucial phases of Salesforce projects in order to avoid delays. Digital Mass’ FlexPool offering provides organizations with local and experienced resources that can “jump in” and complete key project tasks quickly.

“Salesforce projects are complex and often require additional resources to get projects completed on time,” said Martin Davis, co-founder, and CEO of Digital Mass. “With the FlexPool, companies get resources that can jump in and help internal teams keep their projects on track so they don’t have to push work out, delay project deadlines, or even have to go through hiring another full-time employee. The FlexPool empowers Salesforce teams to scale up or down as needed, without breaking the bank, and with local resources... which is a luxury in 2021.”

Ideally suited for organizations with internal Salesforce teams, the new offering enables companies to prioritize needs for each Sprint without long-term contracts or adding to their headcount. The FlexPool strategy is to focus on tackling specific tasks that keep the project on-track without disrupting the duties of the core team. Companies get the resources they need that can jump in and help internal teams keep their projects on track rather than pushing out work, delaying project delivery dates, or having to go through the recruiting process of hiring another full-time employee. 

“I’ve heard so many horror stories about IT managers not being able to find the time or the right resources to complete projects,” said Davis. “FlexPool makes it easier for IT leaders to help their teams get the work done. Because our team is local and lives in Salesforce everyday, there is little ramp up and virtually no churn. As a result, companies have the resources they need to optimize every Sprint without adding unnecessary management duties.”

Through FlexPool, companies have access to Digital Mass’ team of experienced Salesforce developers. These developers are full-time Digital Mass employees and are managed by a Digital Mass Solution Manager who also serves as the product owner proxy to the client, ensuring quality, consistent, and on-time deliverables.

FlexPool will most often be implemented by companies that have an existing engagement with Digital Mass, but an existing relationship is not required to access the service. 

About Digital Mass

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