Salesforce Winter '22 Updates To Look Out For

Alex Colburn – September 13, 2021

This week we'll be sharing a few of the updates from the Salesforce Winter '22 release that we feel will bring a lot of value to your Salesforce org. Before we do that, Andrew wants to make sure you’re aware of some of the big updates that will be happening soon after the Winter ‘22 release, like the push to MFA and ICU Locale format changes. 

What you should look out for during the Salesforce Winter '22 release

Hello everyone. Andrew Davis here, Senior developer with Digital Mass. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite events in the years... when a Salesforce has seasonal releases. We're coming up on the Salesforce Winter '22 release here in just a few weeks. The developer preview is already in many of your sandboxes, and if it's not, you still have the opportunity to sign up for a developer preview org. Around this time, we like to talk about some of our favorite features. Over this week, we'll break up the new updates that we're excited about into different videos. In those different videos, we'll cover administrative highlights and declarative automation features that we think will add a lot of value.

The transition to Winter '22 will have happened during a few different weekends, starting with September 2nd. For other orgs, the transition will be October 2nd, and the remaining orgs will be updated during the weekend of October 9th. You can check out when your instance is scheduled to be updated by heading to Just punch in your domain name or your instance number, and you'll find out exactly when your maintenance is scheduled to occur. While you're there sign up for notification to get those kinds of alerts on your phone or your email if you'd like.

Other important updates that will happen after the release

Before diving into specifically which features we think are most important, we want to highlight a couple of updates that we feel are very pressing. These updates won't come into effect on the release date for a Winter '22, but they will come up soon after. The important updates you should look out for after the Winter '22 release are multi-factor authentication and ICU locale format changes.

The Salesforce Winter '22 Release will require MFA

Beginning February 1st, 2022, Salesforce will contractually require multi-factor authentication. We've actually already done a video on what that entails and how to look out for multifactor authentication. You can watch that here.

ICU Locale format changes

The second feature that we want to address are ICU locale format changes, which we'll be taking effect in Spring '22. It's important to get ahead of this change as it will influence important formats like day, time, data types currency, and negative numbers. If you have any integrations that force a format of a particular data type, those could break during this update if you aren't aware of the changes ahead of time.

That'll cover it for updates that were, we wanted to convey in this video. Next, we're going to talk about administrative features. I look forward to talking to you in the next video.

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