Sharing Hierarchy Functionality: Salesforce Summer '21 Release

Dakota VanOs – June 8, 2021


Hey everyone. Andrew here again with Digital Mass. I want to talk to you guys about another feature that's coming in summer 21 hitting your production environments on June 11th and 12th. Today we're going to talk about the sharing hierarchy functionality that Salesforce is bringing to the table, which is a huge improvement over what has traditionally been kind of a, a bit of a rabbit hole that you could fall into if ever you were prompted to suss out why Jane or John DOE has access to a particular record in your system.

Now, if you're an organization that tries to isolate and create sharing boundaries between certain records, maybe you have a more private model for certain types of objects. So sort of sussing out and figuring out why a particular person has access can be a complicated task. The sharing hierarchy that Salesforce introduced is just a button that now can be added to your lightning record pages. With just a simple click of that, you'll get a very clear model that generates on that record, showing you all of the parties that have access to it. And most importantly, why. So there should no longer be any ambiguity and it should really save you as an admin or developer a lot of time and addressing these kinds of tickets or questions that may come from your team or from the organization regarding kind of what kind of, why sharing is functioning the way that it is.

Hopefully, this will save you some time in the future. Certainly, we hope that it will save us some time. We're very excited about what Salesforce is bringing with this button in 21. All right, next, we're going to actually talk about flows, a declarative feature that I'm really passionate about. We'll kind of cover some of the key features coming there in the next video. Thanks for tuning in.

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