Leveraging the Power of Pardot

Alex Colburn – March 31, 2021

The Developers Speak is a video series featuring certified Salesforce consultants at Digital Mass. They come to you twice a month to help bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions.

On this episode of The Developers Speak, Alex calls out a couple of tools that he thinks Pardot users should take advantage of if they want to get more email conversions.

How to get more out of Pardot

I'm Alex and I'm back on The Developers Speak to talk this time about Pardot. I am a certified Pardot consultant and I've worked on a lot of the Pardot projects at Digital Mass There are a couple features that I've seen have been underutilized inside of orgs at all different phases of their life cycles. The two features that I see being the most underutilized are the organization structure better inside of Pardot and dynamic content.

Benefit from the organization structure in Pardot

Pardot offers flat folders for things like email templates and landing pages. Your team could benefit from using the organization structure to split up content by what it relates to or creating different folders for different campaigns. The organization will allow different teams working independently to not overlap with each other inside of the same instance.

Make emails more personal with Dynamic Content

The other tool I see being underutilized in Pardot is dynamic content. Dynamic content is an awesome tool inside of Pardot that can render a different image or text inside of an email or landing page based on a field value. This is super useful for emails that you want to send to multiple audiences because it gives them a personalized experience. Dynamic also saves marketing teams time because it means they don't need to create four email templates that are essentially the same, but just have different business lines inside of them. They can send one email, with one piece of dynamic content, with four different versions that display differently for the different recipients. Inside of newsletter-like emails, dynamic content can also be used to order the content inside of the email based on what you know the recipient wants to see the most. When the prospect feels like the content is more relatable to them, they're more likely to get conversions. And that's what it's all about, right?

About the developer:

Alex Mracek was Digital Mass’ first hire in 2018. Before he joined DM as a Salesforce Developer, Alex had been working in the technology space for over 5 years and was studying Marketing at Concordia-St. Paul. Once he joined Digital Mass, Alex quickly received his Pardot Consultant and Pardot Specialist certifications. Quite a powerful marketing developer combo if you ask us.

In his free time, you’ll find Alex fishing at the cabin, watching the MN Wild or the Liverpool FC, and playing D&D.