The Advantages of Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics: Part 2

Alex Colburn – September 9, 2021

Justin is back for part 2 of The Advantages of Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

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Hey everyone, I'm Justin Kasbohm and I'm a Salesforce Developer at Digital Mass. Today, I'm back to talk to you a little more about connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics. This time we're going to be focusing onfeatures you can unlock in Salesforce Marketing Cloud when it's connected to Google Analytics 360.

Connecting Google Analytics 360 features in Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder

One of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's most useful and powerful tools is Journey Builder. There is a lot that you can do with this marketing automation tool. For example, you can create 1:1 customer journeys and manage the customer life cycle. But where Journey Builder gets even better is when you leverage Google Analytics 360.

Using Journey Builder to leverage Audience Activation

The first benefit is of using Journey Builder and GA 360 is leveraging Audience Activation using the entry source in Journey Builder. With this feature, consumers can be added to your Marketing Cloud journeys when they take certain actions on your website. For example, when an online purchase is made, you can use Journey Builder to send order confirmations emails. This uses all of your extensive behavioral data collected in Google Analytics 360, in Journey Builder.

Viewing Google Analytics 360 data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By leveraging Google Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud, you also get to view your Google Analytics 360 data next to Marketing Cloud data in the journey analytics dashboard. In this dashboard, you'll see all of the journey level reporting that you're used to, plus goal measurement, e-commerce metrics, site usage, and Constant Contact statistics. If goals are set up in your Google Analytics 360 account, you can view things like goal completions, goal value, and your goal conversion rates... all inside of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This integration is something that more people should take advantage of. Being able to interact with your Google Analytics 360 data in your Marketing Cloud unlocks all sorts of possibilities for ways you can evolve your marketing. 

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About the Developer:

Justin always wanted to work in the ever-changing tech industry because he knew he would never get bored. Since joining us he's added three Salesforce certifications to his belt: Platform Developer l, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin.